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gardening in California plant hardiness zone 9 Today is Friday, May 26, 2017

Lion's Tail Container


This container had a lion's tail plant, rockcress, and a red lantana. It also has a few struggling bulbs - some freesia, and one brodiaea.

The Lion'sTail (the light colored sticks in this image) I got two years ago, the first year it did ok, and the second year it took off like crazy into lanky, 3' tall stalks. I learned on my visit to the Fair Oaks Horticultural Center's open house last summer, that they need to be cut back hard. So, I've cut it back to about 1/3 of it's height, hopefully that will encourage it to get a little more bushy this year.

The Rockcress (The plant covering 2/3 of the container) I got from my mom a couple years ago, she had purchased it and never planted it, so she gave it to me. I thought it would look nice in a container with the lion's tail since they are both bright orange, and bloom in the summer. Last year the rockcress was barely hanging on... but it seems to have taken root and exploded this winter, I can't wait for it to bloom this year!

I also got a bright red Lantana (low plant on the left) late last year, and just placed it in it's orignal pot in the container to see how it would look and also see if it would survive. It's done pretty good, I'll think I'll plant it in the container...


Spring Flowers


While walking around the neighborhood, I spotted this tree blooming.


In our front yard, the daffodils around the maple tree are about to bloom, and the freesias (in the pot) won't be far behind....


I've been assigned a plant to save


My friend Sabs had a plant that she said was dead (but it's only mostly dead), so she gave it to me because she thinks I can revive it...we'll see. I'm curious to find out what it is!


Tulip Forcing?


I had two tulip bulbs left over after I planted them last December and nowhere to plant them, so I decided to try to force them. I put them in the vegitable bin in the fridge in a bowl with pebbles and water. I read later that Tulips are not the ideal flower to force, In fact the article I read said that it won't happen, but I'm trying it anyway.

Over the last few weeks they've been in the fridge getting their chill time in, and I took them out this week to find that one of the bulbs totally rooted! the other, not so much... in fact, it has a little spot of mold near the base. I still have hope that it can be saved.

I'll keep you updated on how it goes.





Last July, I went to a garden that had an interesting Manzanita, I asked if they propagated it in their nursery, and they said "no, they couldn't propagate it from cuttings." to which i thought "BS." So, since no one was patroling the garden to tell me not to - I took a small twig off the bush (yes - I know, I'm a terrible person) and tried to propagate it at home. The twig made about 6 cuttings, two of which never sprouted roots, and three of which I killed by letting the growing medium dry out in the fall. One survived, and now it has a bud on it! I'm so very happy about that. Hopefully it will make it to an actual plant.


Weed Transplants


A couple of springs ago this plant started growing in the backyard along with all the other winter weeds, and we were super lazy that year about cutting them down.

I have no idea what it is but I liked it a lot so I held on to some of the seeds from a bloom or two and have been calling it the weed from my backyard.

This Winter when I planted my seeds, I planted some of them to see if anything would grow. To my suprise and delight, a bunch of them came up!

I have transplanted three of the plants into wine barrel #2 in the front yard(the three stringy plant on the left side are the weeds). as I recall this plant got to be about 4' tall so they should have a bit of an impact if they make it...

If you are wondering what happened to the morning glories that were on that side of the wine barrel, the two that weren't eaten were killed by a front that came through.


New Year, new Garden Journal


I try to keep track of what I've done in the garden every year but haven't been ready to spring for a fancy pre-printed garden journal. Here are a couple of free journals available online. One of the benefits of these is that you can print out just the needed pages.








I took one of the plugs from the seeds I've been growing, and replanted the Parsley into larger cells. A couple of them are kinda weak we'll see how many survive...


SF Garden Show coming in March


I've been meaning to go to this for a long time, I heard last year that it wasn't going to happen again, but it's here again this year, so maybe there are just new people running it...



Seed Update 3


I think I need to transplant these seeds now, they are getting pretty big.

Some of the seeds did well. Others not so much...

    Seeds that came up strong and numerous: <li>Weed from my backyard <li>CA Rockcress <li>Flat-leaved parsley <li>Blue-eyed grass <li>Dill <li>freesia <li>Nicotiana

    Seeds that came up, but only a couple of them: <li>Echanecia <li>Sweetpea <li>Lunaria <li>CA poppy <li>Neighbors mimosa <li>UC Arboretum Tree <li>cynglossum

    Ones that came up and then promptly died: <li>CA Bluebells <li>Penstemon

    One's that never came up: <li>Summer blue delphinium <li>morning glory


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